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For the longest time people that enjoy water sports could not bring their favorite music with them while they were on the water. That has all changed thanks to Underwater Audio. They have perfected a design that completely encases an Apple iPod Shuffle in a waterproof coating.


The Waterproof iPod Mega Bundle 100% Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swim Kit makes it possible for swimmers to bring their favorite tunes in the water. Unlike bulky cases that hold the player inside and attach to your swim goggles, the Waterfi unit has a built in clip. With the clip on the back you can attach it to a wet suit, swim suit or goggles.


Its secret is in the dual layer waterproofing technology; the outer layer provides water and correction protection down to 190 feet under the water and the inner layer added an extra level of waterproofing and insulation.


The Waterproof iPod kit includes a pair of X-1 Flex Waterproof Headphones to complete the system. The wire is uniquely configured so it is much longer on one side so that the excess can be wrapped up in a way that keeps it from dangling away from your head.


Another bonus with the Waterproof iPod system is there is no need for a bulky case, you have full access to the playback and volume control buttons. You also get to enjoy the 8 designer colors of the typical Apple iPod Shuffle.


Key Features


  • iPod Shuffle 2GB Player
  • Dual Layer Waterproof Technology
  • Waterproof down to 190 feet
  • Built in attachment clip



What are people saying about it?


As we were researching the Waterproof iPod Mega Bundle 100% Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swim Kit we discovered more than 250 consumer reviews posted online. It was apparent that the consumers really loved the product. They gave it an average of 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 stars for a wide range of reasons.

One of the top reasons that was given was that they really sounded great and the waterproof aspect was fantastic. It allowed them to enjoy two things that they love the most; swimming and music.

The fact that they no longer need to spend money extra money on a waterproof case to be able to listen to their favorite music as they are swimming laps, was also mentioned several times.

After we completed our research of the Waterproof iPod Mega Bundle Swim Kit we found that an overall majority of the consumers were very happy with it. We would highly recommend it.

Customer Reviews:

New From: $165.00 USD in Stock

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